Non-resident Mortgages for Citylife approved projects 


Australian Dollars:

Up to 70%

Interest rates from 5.02%

Up to 30 years principal and interest. (or 70 years old)

Interest only available.

Self employed 50% available.

No application fees unless loan is approved.

48 hour pre-approval available.

Interest rates variable and can be fixed for up to 4 years.

Non Australian income accepted.

Rental income accepted

1 year pre-approval available

Other currencies:

Singapore dollar loans available up to 70%

Interest rates from 3.75%

Available to foreign buyers not in Singapore, and Singaporean citizens

Up to 30 years available. (or 70 years old)

1 year pre-approval available

Self- employed welcome

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*Terms and conditions apply, interest rates may vary. Not all packages have all these features.