Meet with Mike, in person, by phone, through Skype, through WhatsApp or through Zoom Meeting (or similar).

Discuss what you are looking for, your thoughts, your previous experience, your ideas, your budget, financial position, your requirements, your timing etc. Mike will provide his ideas, strategy, thoughts, advice and his knowledge for your consideration.

He will also let you know whether he will be able to help, and if so, what services he can provide. For example, IN SOME STATES and areas of Australia he CAN NOT HELP.

COST: Nil.

TIME: Up to one hour is usual.

OBLIGATION: Zero, from both parties.


You go away to think about it, and discuss with your family etc. If you decide to proceed, check with Michael for availability of his service for your preferred START date.

Book a start date, and pay for the service AND SIGN THE AGREEMENT.

COST: For properties under AU$1 million AU$3,600.

For properties over 1 million and below $2 million AU$4, 800. 

For properties OVER $2 MILLION, THE SERVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE except in Sydney and Melbourne.

For properties over 2 million in Sydney and Melbourne and below $3 million AU$6,800.

OBLIGATION: Both parties are now ready to start as per the details outlined in the agreement.


Mike will get to work! For the next 90 days, you can have unlimited phones calls, virtual meetings, WhatsApp chat, skype and emails with Mike.


He will help you to get your finance sorted, a solicitor engaged, your tax arranged, and start helping to source locations and properties. He will provide cash flows, costs analysis, rent analysis, research, price comparisons, per sq metre rates and suburb profile among other information. He will wherever possible provide an inspection, comment or feedback from experts on the ground. T


You are required to assist Mike with feedback on locations and properties etc and attend to meetings with finance brokers, solicitors etc as required to ensure everything is ready for you to buy when a property is found, researched, believed to be suitable, and ready to be negotiated.


A property is found! Inspections are arranged, videos if possible, and the price can be negotiated by Mike in close consultation with you. Mike has negotiated billions of dollars of Australian real estate transactions, and is able to assist you with the important part if you prefer, or you can negotiate with the agent or seller direct.

IF YOU are happy with everything, contacts are drawn up, a solicitor is appointed if not yet done so, inspections are taken like building and pest inspections, your bank is placed on standby, and you pay your 10% deposit and sign the sales and purchase agreement once approved by your solicitor. Through all these steps Mike is available to assist, advice and help arrange.


You appoint a property manager if you are going to rent it out.

Again, Mike is available to recommend suitable and experienced property managers, at discounted fees in many cases.

You transfer your funds, and prepare for final inspections and defect reports.


Maggie C and her husband and 2 children live in Hong Kong.

They decided to purchase a home in Melbourne, while they were working in HK and could get a loan.

They planned on sending the children possibly to school/university in Melbourne in due course, but not for at lease 3 years.

They were very busy working in Hong Kong, taking care of the children, and only had a couple of weeks holiday a year. The situation was impossible for them to buy a home without help.

They thought of engaging a Melbourne buyers agent, but they would charge a fee of 3%.

They were considering houses in good areas, priced around AU$2 million plus, which meant they would have to pay D the buyers agent fee totaling around AU$40,000-

-around HK$220K-

on top of the price.

So Maggie and her husband engaged Mike Bentley's service in Hong Kong instead.


With Mike's help, they secured a wonderful home, with a nice garden, in the favoured EASTERN SUBURBS, near good schools, in their budget, AND best of all, using his experience, Mike was able to negotiate a discount of over $80,000 off the price with the agent.

Mike was also able to convince the agent that Maggie and her husband should be the preferred buyers, as there was three other local families in Melbourne also trying to get the home. He liased directly with their solicitor, to ensure contracts were signed ahead of all other buyers.


"Mike provided boundless energy towards our purchase, took care of the finance, arranged lawyers, a building inspection, helped us structure it correctly for tax, and when a last minute hitch occurred with the seller deciding NOT to sell, kept calm, and more importantly kept US calm, and used his amazing experience and knowledge to get the deal back for us! "

Colin and Elaine, Hong Kong, 2020



 EMAIL TO: or Whatsapp or call Mike at 90319669