• Build to Rent is the fastest-growing trend in the real estate market today. This video explains why investors may want to consider investing in Build to Rent in Australia.

  • It’s hard to argue much with the assertion that Build to Rent is the biggest trend in the private rented sector right now in the UK and is rapidly gaining momentum in Australia.
  • In the United Kingdom, the build-to-rent sector has grown steadily over the past decade from a largely standing start and is now the second largest form of tenure in the UK.

    Trends that have emerged in London, where the costs of home ownership are high and work and leisure opportunities are largely centralised in inner-city areas, may gain momentum in the Melbourne and Sydney housing markets.

The continuing low interest rates, low bank deposit rates, and dropping yields across all asset classes has highlighted benefits in diversifying investments

Faced with the prospect of more moderate returns from other investments going forward, many investors are considering joint ventures, syndication and Build to Rent  as an alternative.


Wealthy property investors remain focused on yield in a pervasively low interest rate environment. As a result, assets such as Build to Rent are attracting their attention.

The purpose of this report is to provide readers with a brief insight to the world of BUILD TO RENT  property investment. 

BTR housing is "purpose built, institutionally owned and professionally managed private rental accommodation."

It is distinct from traditional private rental accommodation in that BTR usually involves one landlord of the entire development who retains long term ownership and rents out all the units long term.

This report aims to find out more about this burgeoning phenomenon and whether it will provide investment opportunities for investors, and whether it is sustainable.

"A Guide to Build to Rent Property"