Cutting through the noise of irrelevant statistics, facts and figures - they work one-on-one with d international clients  to assist in their purchase and management of real estate in Sydney.

Doing your due diligence before making an overseas property purchase is a time consuming and expensive task - lack of local knowledge, contacts and differences in business culture amongst some of the potential issues, not to mention the time and cost of making multiple trips to manage your investments.

A buyers agent working FOR YOU, NOT FOR THE SELLER, makes it easier for you to invest with confidence. They come to you to understand your investment goals and requirements. They then source suitable properties using extensive contacts and accessing both on-market and off-market opportunities and return to present these to you.

They understand the Sydney market.

With over 15 years’ experience in buying real estate all over Australia, our buyers agent knows what to look for. They also have the negotiation skills and techniques to secure the best deals possible.

When it comes time to bring in other experts - whether it be accounting, legal, conveyancing, financial, valuation, pest control or structural building/construction advice - they understand the importance of seeking qualified advice.

They  work alongside your existing expert advisors, or alternatively recommend and engage well-trusted firms where required on your behalf.