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Michael Bentley is one of the most experienced and respected Australian property experts in Asia.  Author of several investment books, including "The Non Residents Guide to Investing in Australian Real Estate" and "How to Build a Property Portfolio from One Initial Deposit" he speaks around the region at Seminars. 

This is your opportunity to have a private no obligation discussion "one on one" and get a guide to what's happening in the Australian markets, financing, rental, investment strategies, tips as to WHERE and WHEN to buy, discuss your own properties, in fact, have all your individual questions answered by an expert. 

All with no obligation, no sales pitch, just independent advice from a very experienced property expert.

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Buying, selling, investing, renting or anything else!

In addition, Michael will be hosting a series of Webinars in 2018.

"Michael has such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom concerning Australian property investment that one can never learn enough from him."

Allan T. Singapore, 

Special FREE Webinar Events and Private Consultation Calls…

Australian Property Wealth for foreign investors in 2018 and Beyond

The Australian property environment is changing fast. I’m running FREE webinars to show you the strategies that will succeed in 2018 and beyond (while the old “attending an exhibition" strategy will be the worst way to buy)

  • How to time the Australian property cycle in EACH city, to know exactly when and where to buy AND when to sell.
  • How to make sense and benefit from the recent (and coming) tax, FIRB and borrowing changes to the Australian property market.
  • A unique strategy aimed to build a property portfolio from one initial deposit, and then retire with an annual  6 figure tax free income for life!   

"Fantastic webinar presentation, highly informative and messages clearly conveyed, well done!"

 And so much more...

PLUS, I am available for a FREE 45 minutes private telephone consultation to enable you to discuss ANY matter relating to Australian Real Estate. I have limited slots available for these calls, so register your personal discussion time NOW!

Here’s just some of what I will be covering in these special webinars:


-How to obtain a loan in the current market. You may have heard loans are harder to get right now.  And you are right. Lending criteria IS harder, BUT new loan providers, including major international banks, are rapidly jumping into this market RIGHT NOW meaning in some cases your lending options are BETTER than before.

How to make sense of the recent (and coming) changes to the Australian property landscape. You’ll learn the changes to taxes and loans that are coming (and that have already taken place) and the effect they are already having on the property market.

- Best of all, you can learn the strategies that will enable you to take advantage of the changes.

How to save 4% on the purchase price, just by taking one simple action - why pay more? (This is a win/win situation for everyone involved, except the Government!) 

How to collaborate with your family and friends to get into the market sooner - we will soon be introducing a unique new strategy  to buy prime real estate in Australia that saves taxes, fees, mortgage costs and FIRB applications. (You will hear it here FIRST before public launch.)  


-Which area is going to benefit the most from the changes coming, and where the effects are ALREADY starting to be seen.  The media seldom gets it right :

"Sydney’s house price growth has more than halved this year, further suggesting that the city’s biggest property boom in a decade is over.“
"It is the final nail in the coffin of Sydney’s property boom,” Australian Property Monitors senior economist Dr. Andrew Wilson said.


"Sydney is back in “boom” mode for 2015 after new data shows house prices jumped a surprising 14 per cent last year. As this comes on the back of more than 15 per cent a year earlier."

Dr Wilson said : “The Sydney boom is back " Dr Wilson is forecasting price growth of between 7 and 10 per cent for 2015. “And closer to 10 per cent,” he said. 

Bottom line is this: Sydney house prices have risen 51.5% between 2014 to 2018, with 30% deposit investors are up 171%. Be wary of media guesswork!  (It sells papers)

Citylife advised our clients in 2013 there was at least 6 more years to run in Sydney. Based on RESEARCH. 


How to use research to uncover affordable, low risk areas, and enjoy strong potential growth. (You won’t just find the cities that will grow faster than the rest… but the actual suburbs!) 

How you can still tap into your equity or get a loan approval now so you’re prepared to buy prime properties without having to make new bank applications each time. (You’ll be able to make quick decisions when you see something you like)

 - How you can still build your property portfolio from one deposit, and receive tax free income of over USD$100K per annum for life. (This strategy works equally as well in the UK as in Australia) 

Learn WHY in spite of  an "oversupply" of apartments, rental vacancy rates are at record lows and falling. (Did you know that -as at Feb 2018- "oversupplied Melbourne CBD " has a rental vacancy rate just half that of the Sydney CBD... and is in fact the lowest rate in a decade)

"Thank you Michael for the very useful updates given in the webinar. I really appreciate the opportunity to hear about the new housing policies and the analysis given by Michael. It helps to clarify the contradiction I hear on media about the over-supply apartments in Melbourne against the continuing  healthy rent growth amongst my properties in Melbourne. Thanks again Michael for a great webinar."

"Many good ideas and a good experience to learn from"

"Suggest to do a city by city analysis in the near future"

"First time on Webinar. However it is very enlightening & exciting to try something new"

"Good stuff with lots of factual data"

"Thanks Michael for inviting me to your webinar.  Within an hour and a few slides, you summarized all that I need to know from the masses of confusing news about huge changes that will affect Melbourne properties"  

"I am and will always be grateful to you for your kind guidance to help me stay focused on my property investment in Melbourne. Indeed, I cannot find a better mentor" 

"Fantastic webinar presentation, highly informative and messages clearly conveyed, well done!"

"Your presentation is the best that I have gone to so far after so many talks that I have attended. My only regret was I should have attended your talk a few years ago"

"I was very reassured that your strategy was virtually identical to that which I used to acquire my 16 properties in the UK"
"Thank you so very much for your seminar yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it immensely helpful."

"I received your new book and spent the whole weekend learning from your expertise"

"Wow, I really believe in your methods. I will definitely refer friends to you"

"I found your knowledge of the property scene and the firsthand information you gave, very useful. ......You are a cut above others"