Construction Progress
  • If you are a Citylife client who has purchased in any of our projects, you may keep up to date with construction of your project here. Please keep checking back on this page for updates.
  • If your project below is showing as around 4 months or less to completion, you should also now visit our section called "settlement process"

Hedgeley Malvern East

Little Projects’ newest project, was officially launched on Saturday 25 March 2017.

Located in a prime position in Malvern East, Hedgeley offers a luxurious collection of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with an abundance of amenity including a lush central atrium garden, a rooftop sanctuary, exquisite residents’ lounge and dining area and private cinema.

Hedgeley Malvern East has been a huge success following its official launch on 25 March 2017, with over 90 percent of apartments now sold.


Completion of Hedgeley is anticipated for late-2018. 


Completion of Hedgeley is anticipated for late-2018.

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We’re excited to announce that the crane at Hedgeley Malvern East will soon be removed, and the external screens on the facade are in the process of being taken down from Waverley and Belgrave Roads.

Hedgeley’s beautiful resident amenities are coming to life with construction of the rooftop terrace pergola underway, the internal courtyard scaffolding removed and the atrium garden construction continuing.

Internal works are progressing well with internal wall frames going into level 4 and timber flooring being installed into central atrium and ground levels. Joinery is almost complete in the central atrium, ground and first levels.

Completion of Hedgeley is expected from early December 2018. 


Settlement at Hedgeley Malvern East is expected to occur from early December 2018.

Now is the right time for you to start contacting your financial institution to prepare your finances before property valuations are called from mid-October 2018.


If you are considering leasing out your new apartment, the team of leasing specialists at our partnering property management business Little Real Estate would be delighted to assist you.

To start a discussion around leasing your apartment at Hedgeley, please email the team at or call 03 8809 5555 


A strictly limited number of luxury residences are available at Hedgeley Malvern East. 

In addition, our retail leasing campaign will soon commence for the 6 shops in Hedgeley fronting Waverley Road. If you know anyone who might be interested please contact Michael Bentley at 852 97362218


An update for all purchasers at Hedgeley Malvern East.

The team at Hutchinson Builders are currently working on completing apartments to Little Projects’ high standards to ensure the best possible outcome. As such, Little expects to be calling for finance valuations next week starting 12 November.

The banks valuers need to contact Peter Timms (phone below) for arrangements to access Hedgeley to provide for the valuations. 

While we hope there will be no problems with all valuations coming in at least within 3 to 4% of purchase price, it is an unpredictable business, so please let us know if any issues with you OWN valuation so we can see if we can assist.

Please pass this on to your banks ASAP to arrange for valuations:

 Peter Timms, Little Projects

Level 3, 15 Claremont St South Yarra VIC 3141

P: (03) 9234 0004

 Settlement of Hedgeley is still on-track to be called from early December 2018.


We will continue to communicate with you regularly by email in the lead up to settlement. 

Michael Bentley Hedgeley inspection 20 September 2018. Note all the workers on the park opposite Hedgeley during a routine practice evacuation. The Central courtyard ready for landscaping.


Little Projects is disappointed to advise that the Plan of Subdivision will not
be registered in time to allow for settlements to occur prior to Christmas.
Whilst we have been closely monitoring Hutchinson’s work, unfortunately
the building in its current state does not meet our high quality expectations
and further work is required before we are able to call for settlement.

We are also experiencing delays with City of Stonnington Council who have not
yet issued the Statement of Compliance. We are not able to call for settlement
until it has been issued, and we continue to work closely with Council.We understand that you will be disappointed with this outcome.

We are extremely disappointed that we have not been able to call
for settlement within the anticipated timeframe.

Apartments from Central Atrium level (level C) to level 2
We expect to call for pre-settlement inspections for apartments
on level C to level 2 mid-next week, however this is dependent on the builders
and we cannot commit to this until early next week.
Unfortunately, the builders are still in the process of finessing
the apartments to the high quality standards that we require in order
to call for pre-settlement inspections.

We now expect to call for settlement in mid-January 2019.
Apartments on levels 3 and 4
We regret to advise that while the builders continue working on the finishing touches of your apartment, it will not be ready for us to call for pre-settlement inspections prior to Christmas.
We will communicate with you early next week to confirm when your apartment will be available for finance valuation.
We anticipate that pre-settlement inspections will be called from mid-January, with settlement anticipated from late-January.
We are working as hard as we can to deliver your new apartment to you
as quickly as possible, delivered to the high standard of quality that
we require in all of our projects.
If you have further questions regarding settlement timing,
please contact your agent.


Please see below. If you haven’t got a friend or a building inspector to do the inspection, you may appoint your property manager (if not yet done so) Danielle Cargill
Relationship Executive, Strategic Partnerships
M +61 419 311 887
P +613 8809 5564
41 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122 

You will need to fill in the attached form to appoint whoever will be doing the inspection for you.


We now invite purchasers of apartments on Courtyard Level, Entry Level and Level 1, 2 AND 3 to book in their pre-settlement inspection.

To book in your pre-settlement inspection, please call: Little Projects 03 9234 0000

Please note that your pre-settlement inspection is strictly limited to you or your authorised representative and is your only opportunity to preview your apartment ahead of settlement. 


In a significant milestone which brings another step closer to settlement, the Statement of Compliance has now been issued by Stonnington Council and Little Projects  have lodged the Plan of Subdivision for registration with the Titles Office.

Titles should issue in the second week of February. As soon as this has happened, they will immediately call for settlement.



All settlements except level 4 called. 14-21 days to complete.


Inspired by the 1889 Victorian mansion, New Charsfield is our latest residential project. The heritage listed Charsfield mansion is the oldest home standing on St Kilda Road in Melbourne. The mansion is significant for its well-composed Italianate form and its connection to this location's long history as a distinguished area. The building’s grand composition and finely detailed architecture now influence the design of a sophisticated new luxury apartment complex at this address. CONSTRUCTION PHOTO JANUARY 2018:

COMPLETION: Estimated early 2019

STAGE ONE – Level 6 to 16 – expected late January 2019 

STAGE TWO – Level 17 and 18 – expected March 2019 


Given that building works at New Charsfield have considerably advanced we take this opportunity to formally introduce you to KIN Property, the New Charsfield Settlement Team who will be your point of contact in the lead up to the settlement of your residence.

The Settlement Team will be communicating with you frequently over the coming months, providing regular updates including information in relation to valuation access and pre-settlement inspections as well as handover procedures post settlement.

If you have any urgent queries please contact Charlene Guan, Carla Ford or Samantha Warrick at  
Settlement Timing

According to your Contract of Sale, settlement will occur 14 days after the later of the issue of the Occupancy Permit and the Registration of the Plan of Subdivision.

Settlement is currently expected to commence early 2019.  







 New Charsfield – Valuation Access

 We are pleased to announce that your apartment at New Charsfield is now ready to be inspected for bank finance valuation purposes.

If your bank requires a valuation inspection to be undertaken, please provide them with Filomena Vilas-Boas’ contact details below:

Filomena Vilas-Boas

  1. 0402 503 597

If you have not already sent your broker or financier details to the settlement team, please do so at your earliest convenience. 

The builders have continued to make solid progress at New Charsfield and settlement remains on target to occur in February.

 The trigger for settlement will depend on when both the occupancy permit has been received, and titles have been registered at the land titles office. Penalties will be charged for late settlement, so please ensure you are underway with your financial arrangements to avoid any unforeseen delays. 

Our research on other projects in the area has found that there is an increasingly varied response from valuers. This can result in unexpected or low valuation results. While some banks have shown support in the area and we do not expect to receive low valuation results, if your valuation falls below purchase price you may be required to cover a shortfall. 

In the current market, it is imperative to understand your funding options and assess your individual needs prior to seeking formal approval from a financier. Having a strategy in place will enable you to streamline the bank approval process. We strongly encourage you to contact your bank or broker immediately as lending from Australian financial institutions has changed significantly, and you need to be aware of how these changes may affect you.  If you require assistance in this area, please do not hesitate to contact us as we have a number of funders who are able to assist.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the settlement team at


  We encourage you to please click on the below link to secure an inspection time immediately for week STARTING 28 JANUARY. 


Please note the following in respect to pre-settlement inspections:


  • We will meet you at the entrance to New Charsfield. You will then be taken to your apartment with a member of our settlement team.
  • As you will be entering a building site, you will be required to wear hard hat and vests (which will be supplied for your convenience). Please ensure you wear closed toe shoes (i.e. no thongs or sandals) and please note no children under the age of 12 will be permitted on site.
  • 20 minutes has been allocated for each inspection so please ensure you arrive on time. 
  •  Only one inspection is permitted per apartment, so please ensure you organise for any other parties to attend at this time (if required). We also recommend you bring a measuring tape should you need to confirm areas for furniture.
  •  If you are unable to attend and are nominating someone to inspect on your behalf, please notify us via reply email. We will require a phone number and email address for the person you are nominating to undertake the inspection.
  •  Only four people are permitted per inspection. 

Note this is the only opportunity you will have to view your apartment prior to settlement.

If you have any further queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the settlement team at

We look forward to showcasing your new apartment to you shortly.







JULY 2018: Level 5  concrete slab completed.

Fit out on lower levels underway. Higher levels starting soon.

Current estimated Completion: First quarter 2019

Do not apply for finance yet. 




completion date confirmed: late JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019

Buyers should start now to prepare for finance



At this stage we envisage that practical completion from a construction perspective is schedule for the February 2019.

That means buyers settlement should be commencing in March/April 2019.
The issuance of practical completion under the building contract will also trigger the commencement of the defect liability period.
The second phase for allowing your property to be ready for settlement is the issuance of a statement of compliance. This is a separate task which means that the building surveyor, council and all the associated authorities will sign off on the complex granting the building status as being ready for occupation.

The completion of this phase will then form part of the issuance of the certificate of occupancy of your individual apartment which is a term under the your contract.
Please note none of the above elements are your responsibility, but we provide this guide so that you are informed of what is occurring behind the scenes.

Creation of your property?

While the building may be technically finished, legally speaking your property does not actually exist yet. When you purchased your apartment you actually purchased a lot on a proposed plan of subdivision. Simultaneously with the construction of the apartment, the developer has been undertaking various
approvals and procedures to ensure that your proposed lot, becomes an official one and a legal title can be provided to you at settlement.
Once the above elements are completed, the developer will lodge the proposed plan of subdivision with the titles office.

This will then create an individual title for your property and allow the second important trigger under your contract of sale to occur. The issuance of titles, once submitted into the titles office can take 1 – 4 weeks turnaround depending on the time of the year.

Once the titles have been lodged, the vendor can issue all purchasers a notice to settlement in accordance to your contract of sale.

When will I be able to move in?

No clear date for moving into your apartment has been scheduled. As detailed above there are still many elements of construction and the legal property process which are still required to be completed. Based on our most recent inspection of the property and advice received from the developer, we estimate that settlement is scheduled to occur around March/April 2019. We will continue to provide further updates towards the end of January.

When should I start talking to the bank?

Given settlement will occur in the early part of 2019, you SHOULD ALREADY have arranged finance. If NOT, please call us ASAP on 852 25255680

When do I need to speak to my solicitor?

We suggest that you contact your solicitor to confirm that settlement of your apartment is pending. Please advise your solicitor immediately of the pending settlement. They will receive official documentation from the vendors solicitor early in the new year.

When will my bank be allowed to inspect the property to conduct their official valuation?
Generally up to 4-6 weeks before the settlement of the apartment. We will send you further notification of these dates when access is available in early 2019.

The person your valuer will need to contact to arrange an inspection of your apartment for your individual bank is, or phone (03) 9826 9908

When will I get an opportunity to inspect my apartment?

Generally 2-4 weeks prior to settlement of your apartment. We are currently working with the builders to complete a staging and schedule for the complex. We will advise you of these dates early in 2019.

Michael Bentley site inspection November 2018


Fitout of apartments is progressing well with the buildings completion fast approaching and settlements at this stage anticipated to occur in March 2019. 

We are pleased to introduce The Apartment Specialists as the settlement coordinator for the project.  Anna Duong from Apartment Specialists has reached out to all owners prior to Christmas via email.

She is the settlement agent for Patch Apartments and will be your point of contact throughout valuations, inspections and other matters in the lead up to settlement.   Please see details below. 

Anna Duong

0421 376 998

9826 9908 

Until then we ask that you ensure your banks and solicitors are informed that settlements are expected to occur in March 2019, pending practical completion and issuing of titles.  This will allow them to prepare all documentation in time and not cause you delays.

You should now be in touch with your own solicitor and bank.

Property management details will be coming soon.

Given settlement will occur in March, you SHOULD ALREADY have arranged finance.

If NOT, please call us ASAP on <852> 25255680


We would like to formally provide an update as to the status of construction for the Patch Apartments, Fitzroy North.

The construction of the building is progressing very well with the builder working towards their milestones. Each of the levels are gradually being completed within the construction timeline and the car stackers are currently being installed on site. In anticipation of settlement occurring shortly, we would like to again remind you of the process over the next few months. 

1st STAGE – Valuation inspections: The first stage of the settlement process involves the ability for valuers to inspect and value your apartment in order to formulate a report for your financial institution. The valuation inspections will be staggered so as to accommodate for the current construction program and volume of apartments in the complex. Should you not be obtaining finance for your apartment, you will not need to worry about this stage. 

We have now commenced valuation inspections for the following apartments.

  • All apartments on Level 3 (excluding apartment 301)
  • All apartments on Lever 4 (excluding apartment 401)
  • All apartments on Level 5 (excluding apartment 501)

Over the next few weeks, we will be sending through updates for the balance of the building. For those parties on level 1 & 2, you have not missed your valuations, but due to construction staging, they will be commenced very shortly.  

If you own an apartment as listed above, please provide your financial planner, broker or bank with the details below, so that they can contact Anna to arrange an immediate inspection. 

Inspection Contact:    Anna Duong       


Phone:      03 9826 9908

2nd STAGE – Purchaser inspections: The second stage of the settlement process will be an invitation for all purchasers to inspect their completed apartments. You will be given the opportunity to inspect the finishes, layout and also identify any possible defects in the apartment. We anticipate that this stage will commence at the start of March. Again, we wish to confirm that given the differing stages of construction throughout the building and the volume of apartments in the complex that the timing of each inspection throughout the building will be staggered over a period of 2 - 4 weeks.

3rd STAGE – Compliance and issuing of titles: The official requirement for the issuance of a certificate of occupancy and registration of an individual title for each apartment is required to trigger settlement under your contract of sale. Once these 2 elements have been completed, your solicitor will be notified, and subject to the terms of your individual contract, you will be provided with 14 days official notice for the settlement of your apartment. Please ensure that you have spoken with your solicitor and they are aware that this notice will be sent to them shortly.

4th STAGE – Collection of settlement pack: When you have officially settled and the vendor’s solicitor confirms that settlement has taken place, you will be able to collect your settlement pack which will contain your apartment keys and any associated documents in regards to the apartment. The location as to where the settlement pack can be collected will be confirmed at a later date. 


We would like to advise that apartments on all Levels are now available for valuation.  

Please ensure that you provide your broker/bank/financier with my details listed below so that we can arrange an inspection for your valuation to be conducted;  

Anna Duong  

03 9826 9908  

Further to my previous emails, if you are an owner of an apartment on level 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 (excluding 201, 301, 401, 501, 601 and 701) and have not already advised your bank, please do immediately.  

If you have, we thank you and again confirm that should you not be obtaining finance we do not need to conduct a valuation inspection. If this is the case, we would appreciate a short email so that we can update our file.  

Thank you very much and we will provide further details shortly for the balance of the building and also the programming for purchaser inspections which we anticipate to commence shortly. 


We are excited to announce that purchaser inspections are now commencing at The Patch.

 Given the volume and staging of construction this process will occur over the next 4 weeks. We will be commencing on level 3. We therefore request all owners of the following apartments contact us immediately so that you may given the opportunity to inspect your apartment.  

Inspections will commence from  Monday 1st April - All apartments on level 3 and 4 (excluding 301 and 401 )

 Inspections will commence from Wednesday 3rd April - All apartments on level 5 and 6 (excluding 501 and 601) 

We will continue to release further floors as they are released to us by the builders, so please monitor your emails for further correspondence from us. 

 If you are intestate or overseas and have arranged for a third party to inspect on your behalf, please provide my details to them so that an immediate inspection can be arranged. 

If you have employed The Apartment Specialists as your leasing and managing agent and would like us to conduct the final inspection on your behalf, please respond to this email so that we can schedule your inspection in with the builder. 

 Please be aware that we need to coordinate all inspections with the builder as they still control the site. Therefore advanced notice is required so that all inspections can be scheduled throughout the building.