What was the Capital Growth for Brisbane APARTMENTS past 15 years:

What year did Sydney houses start the upturn?

What year did the Brisbane apartments upturn begin?

What is the expected size of the Queensland economy by 2031?

What the average yield for 2 bedroom apartments in Brisbane? as at July

What is the average proportion of income in Brisbane spent on a mortgage?

On an 580,000 average 2 bedroom apartment in Brisbane, how much are the foreign taxes and stamp duties

And for Melbourne at 810,000?

How long is the typical Australian property cycle?

what is the median house price in West End?

Generally in West End what is the height restriction

What is the average rental yield in Pradella completed projects in West End?

For the 40 years from 1969 to 2009 Australia's home loan variable rate WAS at OR HIGHER THAN:

Check which you think are selling points for Breeze:

When does the purchaser apply for finance?

What is the LVR for the IO finance?

What is the LVR for the P and I finance

Where are the compressors for the air cons located?

Is this a good selling point, or best not to mention?

Which rooms are airconed?

Is this GOOD ?

What size is the pool?

Where is the nearest City Cat?

Approx How far to the CBD is the project?

What is the ceiling height?

YOU HAVE FINISHED WELL DONE! One last question: if 15 YEARS ago was THE best time to invest in Brisbane, when is next best time?