Hello, and thank you for visiting. I use this format on the web to helpanswer some of your early questions and to save us both a lot of time. 
You get to learn more about the role, what is required, and the rewards. 
Please read the following carefully, and take time to explore our website so you know more about us before moving forward.

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  Citylife International Realty is a long established, reputable, award winning international estate agent company that markets the best of Australian real estate projects to Asian Investors. 

The company: 

-has been established for 20 years 

-has several thousand client leads on its database 

-has sold hundreds of Australian apartments to international investors around the world 

-counts some of Australia's biggest developers among its clients 

-enjoys a reputation of the highest order 

The business has a head office in Hong Kong and has operated in Singapore and Malaysia for many years, although not currently. 

The opportunity: 

This is effectively a great opportunity to run your own operation, work your own hours, use your own systems without the risk or the overhead, and with all projects and all leads supplied.

 You will liase with overseas based clients via virtual meetings, skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Signal, phone and email and facilitating sales "sight unseen" and also arranging  meetings and consultations for clients with tax experts, finance brokers, property managers and the Citylife MD.


You MUST have these qualities to join us:

1. Experience in Real Estate, finance and or sales/marketing. 

2. Computer, telephone and email communication skills.

3. A strong committed work ethic, integrity, and desire. 

4. Personal organisation skills.

5. Self-starter, self motivated, and don't need micro-managing.

6. The ability to source research, data for clients questions.


 Age, religion, nationality, sex and education  is not important to us. 

The MOST important quality we shall be seeking is your own personal character, ability, personality, attitude, work ethic and determination.

You will definitely need to be  Computer literate in word, excel and email. 

Otherwise, honestly, go NO further!

 We do not particularly care about your previous roles. We DO care greatly about your ability to fit in, your personal qualities, your ambition, your integrity,  your desire and follow up skills, and your energy, drive and enthusiasm.   


1. You will need to be able to use, and set up, OUTLOOK as your email provider for company activities.

2. You will have to use Whatsapp on your phone for clients.

3. You will be required to reply to clients enquiries within 24 hours .

4. You will need to submit a weekly activities and client report.

5. You will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.


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