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8 PM-9PM


12.30-1.30 PM

IN THIS jam-packed webinar, Michael Bentley analysis the current Australian rental market: looks to see how much the Corona virus is affecting rentals around the country;  why you should not base your decision on the published "Auction Clearance Rates"; current finance options and interest rates; great strategies on how to DE-RISK a purchase, with examples on the market right now and sample cash-flows.

And finally, an interview with one of the leading up and coming property developers, with billions of dollars of projects under way, and what the current market means for his company and other developers.

You'll Learn:

About "Auction Clearance Rates" and why the headlines are wrong

What could happen to rents going forward and the effect Airbnb will have possibly flooding the market

How to get a loan and what are the current interest rates

Strategies to De-Risk when investing now

What developers are doing right now

Webinar Host and  presenter leading Australian award winning international property agent Michael Bentley

Guest: One of Australia's leading up and coming property developers David Scalzo