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This very exciting project, where there is a scarcity of land and strict height restrictions is sure to be an outstanding long term investment.  You may want to save this page as a link, so you can refer back to it. Below is all the information you need. Click on the item you want to look at.

10%-20% deposit is all that is required until mid-late 2019, and you have 2 years thereafter secured rental, AND your finance can be approved TODAY!

WEST END RESEARCH REPORT: Everything you need to know about investing in Brisbane's West End

FLOOR PLANS:  Prices start from AUD$394,000 for one bedroom and from $524,000 for 2 bedrooms.                Individual prices may be obtained from your Citylife Consultant.

WHY INVEST IN BRISBANE REPORT 2017 (if you have not already seen it)