Citylife International Realty, Award Winning Australian Estate Agents and International Property Consultants.

Citylife Managing Director Michael Bentley has over 3 decades of high level Australian property experience and knowledge, has written 3 top selling investment books, is a regular seminar presenter and has been featured in many Australian and Asian newspapers, magazines, radio and TV programmes.

Bentley provides advisory services to Australian property developers, and has helped overseas investors to buy, sell and manage over AUD 1 billion in Australian residential properties.

He is also the founder and Managing Director of Aurient Limited,  a private Australian real estate management, research and consultancy company, with a focus on Australian commercial and Build to Rent assets.

Best Overseas Property Agent - Australia - 2014 (Best of the Best Awards, HK)

Best Overseas Property Agent - Australia - 2015 (Best of the Best Awards, HK)

Best Overseas Property Agent - Australia - 2016 (Best of the Best Awards, HK)

Best Overseas Property Agent - Australia - 2017 (Best of the Best Awards, HK)

Best International Agency South City Square 2015

Citylife International Realty strongly believes property should aim to be a "low risk-reasonable return" investment, and as such WILL NOT RECOMMEND ANY high risk properties such as student housing, hotel type investments, small studios, serviced apartments and many "resort" areas.

Citylife is the only property consultant offering it's clients the exclusive SAFE -BUY programme, taking away the buyers risks when buying off the plan or new in Australia.


Citylife International Realty is a well established long-standing Award Winning international estate agent based in Hong Kong that specialises in bringing high quality Australian real estate projects and opportunities to investors in Asia.


Through the identification of supply-demand source imbalances in Australian housing, Citylife International Realty Group identifies cities and opportunities for foreign investors to invest in high quality Australian real estate by selecting Australian residential developments throughout Australia only from quality developers in prime selected locations.

Our Unique BUYERS SERVICE, the First and Only One of Its Kind in Asia, Has Changed the Way Overseas Buyers Secure Australian Property.

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With decades of experience in the Australian property market, specifically relating to overseas investors, we have developed a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the Australian real estate investing process.

This makes Citylife an invaluable resource and partner to our clients.

It begins with finding exactly the right properties. Then Citylife gives our clients access to the knowledge and experience they must have in order to make successful investment decisions.

Our system is designed to deliver a low-risk, hassle-free turn-key experience to investors who want to acquire quality Australian real estate.

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Our whole philosophy is to minimize the downside and risk while investing in Australia property assets that offer high potential for capital growth.


By reducing the risk our investors face, by eliminating their uncertainty and fear, by protecting the downside, we are able to bring the exceptional benefits of Australian real estate investing to our clients.

We have raised the bar by proudly providing several unique, industry-leading guarantees on every property we sell covering many of the factors we control directly.


"The Citylife Group is committed to pleasant long term relationships with our customers and to act at all times with complete integrity, honesty and openness to all parties we have relationships with, whilst always doing what we say we will do, and exceeding all parties expectations."