In the past few years, banks have virtually stopped giving investors “interest-only” loans on Australian property, and have been insisting on buyers making regular principle repayments.

This has led many investors to become confused, and unsure whether an investment property still makes sense with this type of repayment. Even though interest rates are at record lows, especially for owner/occupiers.

Investors have to pay higher interest rates, and foreign buyers pay a further margin on top again. Some overseas investors are put off investing believing these rates are "too high."

But what if you could reduce your interest rate right now by 2%, and do the same on ALL future loans?

There is ONE SIMPLE strategy that ANYONE can do to reduce their current interest rates by around 2%.

This special report examines how you can actually pay 3.73% on a 6% per cent loan by simply changing the way you repay.

And NO, it is NOT a matter of making 'more frequent' repayments, OR making 'additional payments.'

(BUT if you DO that AS WELL then it means the rate will become even lower)

Reduce Your Interest Rate