Citylife International Realty offers overseas investors in Australian Real Estate a wealth of unique, specialised services.


Richard Branson: Best Advice I ever received: “Protect the Downside”. In a LinkedIn blog post in 2014, Richard Branson writes that the best lesson his father ever taught him was to protect the downside; that is, limit possible losses before moving forward with a new business venture.

Citylife International Realty has long advocated that its clients protect their downside first and foremost, and let the upside take care of itself when buying Australian investment property.

With a long history and established track record, and enjoying a reputation of the highest integrity, Citylife is acknowledged as being one of the most reputable and leading advisors to overseas investors buying property in Australia.

We have raised the bar by proudly providing several unique, industry-leading guarantees on every property we sell covering many of the factors we control directly, including our unique and exclusive SAFE BUY programme.

Buy one of our SAFE BUY properties and protect your downside…

Throughout history, real estate has proven to be one of, if not THE, best way to build wealth for most people.

Using the bank’s money, investors can leverage a relatively small down payment to buy a property. They can then use the rents they receive from their tenants to make their mortgage interest payments and thereby build equity in the property.

Additionally, there are numerous tax advantages available to investors. Up to 60% of the purchase price is given back to investors in the way of a tax deduction by the Australian Government as they are providing much needed rental accommodation.

 If the deal is properly researched and structured, then positive free cash flow will occur over time, and the equity build up enables investors to acquire more properties without outlaying any further cash.

Clients can then go on to acquire four investment properties over time, from just one initial deposit, and using a unique concept developed by Citylife achieve over USD$100K tax free income, each and every year.


Most people know that NOW is a good time to buy in Australia due to the lower Aussie dollar, increasing rentals, good returns, low interest rates, a high employment and migration rate, a strong economy and still some of the lowest real estate prices in the world with high rental occupancy rates.

BUT they still worry about whether to buy, or whether they should wait and watch in case Australia suffers a real estate downturn.

Experience has taught us that some investors are worried about:

- How to select the right property
- how to rent the property out
- how to keep the property full
- how to manage repairs and maintenance
- how to minimize tax
- values falling after purchase
- oversupply
- no future resale buyers
- no tenants
- tenants damaging the property
- a real estate collapse 

They may also worry about:

- paying Body Corporate levies
- property agent fees
- tax on any rental income
- council and body corporate rates
- insurance
- bank loan repayments
- property taxes
- land taxes and 

- not understanding the details about rental real estate as an asset class and therefore being at risk in ways they can't even imagine
And so on!

Their worry and concern over these matters leaves many paralyzed with FEAR, and unable to take action.

Others convince themselves that these headaches and costs make property not a worthwhile investment. They feel vindicated that their inability to take action is the correct decision.

These FEARS are reasonable, so to mitigate these risks, investors need to research the market, and find a trusted partner with the knowledge and experience they lack,

of experience in the Australian property market, specifically relating to overseas investors, we have developed a huge amount of knowledge and experience in the real estate investing process. This makes Citylife an invaluable resource and partner to our clients.  It begins with finding exactly the right properties.

Then Citylife gives our clients access to the knowledge and experience they must have in order to make successful investment decisions.

Our system is designed to deliver a low-risk, hassle-free turn-key experience to investors who want to acquire quality Australian real estate.

Our whole philosophy is to minimize the downside and risk while investing in assets that offer high potential for capital growth.


BY REDUCING THE RISK OUR INVESTORS FACE, by eliminating their uncertainty and fear, by protecting the downside, we are able to bring the exceptional benefits of Australian real estate investing to our clients.

We have raised the bar by proudly providing several unique, industry-leading guarantees on every property we sell covering many of the factors we control directly, including our unique and exclusive SAFE BUY programme.


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