My name is Michael Bentley, and I’m running a small number of FREE webinars to help guide you through the coming years, based on my 35 years of experience.

To help YOU make informed decisions based on research on what is happening - and likely to happen going forward - to the Australian property market.

"Fantastic webinar presentation, highly informative and messages clearly conveyed, well done!"

"Thank you for your webinar today and sharing all your knowledge. Your insights and advice are invaluable"

Michael Bentley

Award Winning Estate agent, book author, and Australian property expert Michael Bentley will host the webinar.

The BULLS say we are in the middle of an unprecedented property boom, the likes of which have never been seen before.

The BEARS are saying a bubble is developing.

What is CERTAIN though, is that the Australian property environment is moving VERY quickly due to the Covid-19 virus, and the changing economic trends.



"Thank you  for the very useful updates given in the webinar. I really appreciate the opportunity to hear about the new housing policies and the analysis given by Michael"

"It helps to clarify the contradiction I hear on media about the over-supply of apartments. Thanks again Michael for a great webinar."

"Many good ideas and a good experience to learn from"

"First time on Your Webinar. However it is very enlightening"

"Thanks Michael for inviting me to your webinar. Within an hour and a few slides, you summarized all that I need to know from the masses of confusing news about huge changes that will affect Melbourne properties"

"I am and will always be grateful to you for your kind guidance to help me stay focused on my property investments in Australia. Indeed, I cannot find a better mentor"

"Your presentation is the best that I have gone to so far after so many talks that I have attended. My only regret was I should have attended your talk a few years ago"

"I was very reassured that your strategy was virtually identical to that which I used to acquire my 16 properties in the UK"

"Fantastic webinar presentation, highly informative and messages clearly conveyed, well done!"

"I found your knowledge of the property scene and the firsthand information you gave, very useful. ......You are a cut above others"

"Good stuff with lots of factual data"

"I spent the whole weekend learning from your expertise"

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"I really enjoyed the webinar last week and found it very useful"